Antique Furniture York

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  • Milestone Antiques

    Milestone Antiques

    Antique Furniture
    Farnley House, 101, Long St, York, Yo61 3hy (Yorkshire & Humberside)
  • Mount Pleasant Antiques Centre

    Mount Pleasant Antiques Centre

    Antique Furniture
    46 Cliffe Road, York, Yo43 3bp (Yorkshire & Humberside)
  • Ruth Ford Antiques

    Ruth Ford Antiques

    Antique Furniture
    Within Mount Pleasant Antique Cent, 46, Cliffe Rd, York, Yo43 3bp (Yorkshire & Humberside)
  • The French House (Antiques) Ltd

    The French House (Antiques) Ltd

    Antique Furniture
    The Warehouse, North Lane, York, Yo32 9su (Yorkshire & Humberside)
  • Priestley's


    Antique Furniture
    36 Bootham, York, Yo30 7bl (Yorkshire & Humberside)
  • Yorvik Collectables

    Yorvik Collectables

    Antique Furniture
    157 Manor Drive North, York, Yo26 5sd (Yorkshire & Humberside)
  • Laurel Bank Antiques

    Laurel Bank Antiques

    Antique Furniture
    Laurel Bank House, Osbaldwick Lane, York, Yo10 3ay (Yorkshire & Humberside)
  • Bishopgate Antiques

    Bishopgate Antiques

    Antique Furniture
    23-24, Bishopgate St, York, Yo23 1jh (Yorkshire & Humberside)
  • The Antiques Centre York

    The Antiques Centre York

    Antique Furniture
    Allenby House, 41, Stonegate, York, Yo1 8aw (Yorkshire & Humberside)
  • The Red House Antique Centre

    The Red House Antique Centre

    Antique Furniture
    The Red House, 1, Duncombe Place, York, Yo1 7ed (Yorkshire & Humberside)
  • Banana Warehouse

    Banana Warehouse

    Antique Furniture
    36 Piccadilly, York, Yo1 9nx (Yorkshire & Humberside)